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 [Jacques Icarus the red Flicky bird is fiddling with the device again. At an awkward angle, you can see Knuckles the Echidna and Antoine D'Coolette in Knuckles' home, both of them wielding swords... sort of. Antoine sighs, and moves in, adjusting Knuckles hands.]

No no, you don't grip eet like zat. One hand here, one hand zere...

But I've seen you use a sword with one hand before!

Only een emergency situations, Knuckles, and after years of mastery. Now, hold eet like zis, and let's try eet again.

[Knuckles sighs, annoyed, but they clash blades. It's obvious who has less experience and who has way way way way WAY more.]

Don't look at me, Knuckles, look at my sword.

I-I am, I'm trying to!

Eet ees not a bat, don't treat eet like one.

I know it's not a bat! I'm not dumb! Just come at me again... Wait. Your muscles aren't even clenched.

And what of eet?

You're going easy on me! Antoine, I'm not going to learn like this! I want you to come at me like you would any other enemy!

... Are you sure about zis, mon ami?


[Antoine shrugs, but then the Flicky bird covers the lens by accident, pecking the device. So you can only hear sounds of sword slashing, and then Knuckles making small pained noises, followed by a thud. The Flicky then moves on, wanting to find food, so you can see Knuckles laying on the floor, Antoine standing over him, pointing a sword at his nose.]

... Would you like to be giving you a finger?

Hand. You want to give me a hand. And no. I think I'm... just gunna lay here... a while... ow.

((OOC: Knuckles and Antoine will reply individually))

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Oct. 26th, 2015 05:45 pm
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Sonic the Hedgehog

Mon ami.

Freedom Fighter. Best friend. Pain in the rear.
Uncle Chuck


Savior of wounded. Family Figure. Why Chili Dogs, Why.
Elias Acorn

Prince Déchu

A Familiar Friend. Hiding Secrets. Will He Be All Right?
*King Shadow


An Alternate Ally. Teaching Him Swordplay. Surely A Trustworthy Man.
Amy Rose

Jusqu'à L'âge

An Almost Better Version. Glad She's Not Crushing. We Have Much To Learn.
Knuckles the Echidna

Vous êtes Pardonné

Forgiven Friend. Not Giving Up On You. Let's Keep At It.

Miles "Tails" Prower


Young Genius. Teaching Him My Ways. I Also Learn From Him.
Princess Anna

Belle Jeune Fille

Her Royal Highness. Needs Confidence. I Can Guide Her.

Têtu Peu...

Loyal To Relius. Difficult To Teach. Hope He Gets Away.

Compatriote épéiste

Turns Into A Dog? Still A Good Kid. Excellent Sparring Partner.
Portgas D. Ace

Chew abord!

Big Eater. Listens To My Woes. A Handy Companion.

De Grandes Compétences

Fellow Chef. Also Lends His Shoulder. We Should 'Hang' More.

Irene Mallidias

Type De Intimidé

Divine Aide. We Could Learn From Her. I'm Already Grateful.
Nott Lovell

Petit Malin

Good Friend. Bit Of A Mouth On Him. He Means Well.
Relius Clover


Pure Evil. Never Forgiven. Very Scary.
Scott Summers

Ses Yeux...?

Bright Young Man. Has Many Good Ideas. Reminds Me Of Me.


Helpful Little Creature. Maybe A Little Nosy. Might Be A Friend.
Denzel Crocker


Sonic's "Nephew"? Possible Good Guy. Definitely Nuts.

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Jul. 3rd, 2015 01:54 pm
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 Bonjour! You have reached Antoine D'Coolette! How unfortunate, but I am not available at zis moment! Please be leaving a message, and I shall be returning to you, A.S. C. P.!

[he means ASAP.]

Until then, au revoir!
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